How much are membership dues?
As of October 2021, an annual TEMPO membership is $550 (includes $50 donation to the TEMPO Foundation) and an annual Emerging Women Leaders membership is $385 (includes $35 donation to the TEMPO Foundation). View member benefits for TEMPO here and Emerging Women Leaders here.  

Which events can I attend if I am not a member?
Many events are open to non-members (a registration fee applies). Check our event calendar for the latest and to register.

  • TEMPO Talks webinar series
  • Professional Development Series
  • Women’s Affinity Alliance programs
  • Leadership Event
  • Mentor Event
  • EWL Program Meetings
  • TEMPO Program Meetings (if accompanying a current member)

Are there other TEMPO chapters?
TEMPO (formerly known as TEMPO Milwaukee) is the largest professional women’s group in Wisconsin, with members and Emerging Women Leaders primarily residing and working in Southeastern Wisconsin. TEMPO has sister organizations in Kenosha, Madison, Racine and Waukesha however each chapter operates independently and may have different member criteria. Memberships are not transferrable between chapters.

Is TEMPO tax exempt?
TEMPO is a 501c6 membership organization and is not tax exempt. The TEMPO Foundation, our organization’s charitable arm, is a 501c3 organization and contributions are tax exempt to the extent provided by law.

How do I join?
View the TEMPO nomination process here. View the Emerging Women Leaders nomination process here.

Are there engagement expectations or attendance requirements for members?
There are no engagement expectations or attendance requirements for members. Instead, we provide a wide variety of engagement opportunities, committees, and programs/events and encourage each member to “choose their own adventure.” TEMPO staff, leadership, and the Engagement Committee help new members navigate all that our organization has to offer.

Can Emerging Women Leaders be nominated for TEMPO?
Emerging Women Leaders are encouraged to seek nomination from a TEMPO member once they meet the criteria. TEMPO nominations are processed quarterly. As of October 2021, 20 former EWL members have been nominated and accepted into TEMPO.

Is TEMPO holding in-person events?
TEMPO is holding a combination of virtual only and in-person events, and providing a livestream option whenever possible at in-person events. Masks are encouraged for all attendees, and required for non-vaccinated attendees at in-person events. TEMPO is continuing to monitor CDC guidelines and keep our members informed of any changes to programming.

Additional questions?
Contact us at (414) 301-6680 or [email protected]