About TEMPO Milwaukee Membership

TEMPO Milwaukee is an invitation-only organization in greater Milwaukee that connects women leaders with diverse backgrounds and experience to support, advise, learn and create relationships with one another. Our membership is comprised of approximately 300 women who hold executive and leadership positions throughout greater Milwaukee.

 The typical TEMPO Milwaukee member shares the following profile:

• 10 years + of professional experience 

• 5 years executive-level professional experience

• Decision-making responsibility for staff and budget

• One of the organization’s top executives or has direct access to the top executives

• A community leader

• Leadership experience in professional and/or civic organizations

Nomination and Review Process:

Please remember: The nomination process is designed as an “invitation” of membership by current TEMPO members. Members actively participate in the nomination process of potential new members by completing the necessary prospect paperwork and communicating with their nominees after committee review. 

1) The nominator completes the Membership Nomination Form (call the TEMPO office 414.301.6680), entering the nominating member‘s name in the section “Contacts within TEMPO.”

2) The nominator emails the Membership Nomination Form to tempo@tempomilwaukee.orgTo be considered for Fall on-boarding, nominations must be received by August 15th. To be considered for Spring on-boarding, the nominations must be received by February 15th.

3) An acknowledgement of receipt of the nomination is emailed to the nominating member.

4) Membership Nomination Forms are reviewed at the Membership Committee meeting the first Wednesday of February and September.

5) The nominating member and the nominee will receive notification of the committee’s decision by the 15th of September or March, depending on when the application is submitted.

6) If accepted, the nominee receives a letter of acceptance and a Member Data Form.The nominator will be cc’d on the letter. If not accepted, a call is made to the nominator.

7) Nominee returns Member Data Form, a 100-word bio, dues payment, and a headshot to tempo@tempomilwaukee.org.

8) The new member receives login and password information for the TEMPO Milwaukee website and is added to the on-line roster.

9) The new member can register on-line for the next meeting.

If you would like to be considered for membership, but do not know a TEMPO Milwaukee member, please contact our office at tempo@tempomilwaukee.org for further information.

***TEMPO Milwaukee 2015-16 Membership Renewal***

As TEMPO Milwaukee moves into our new program year, we are committed to continuing the momentum gained in the past year by delivering high-caliber, engaging monthly programs. Commit to another year of increased development opportunities and new avenues to build your professional network. To renew your membership online, click here. For a 2015-2016 Dues Renewal Invoice, click here.