The Spring nomination period is now closed.


*Must be a TEMPO or EWL member to nominate

It's time for more inspiring women from the Milwaukee business community to join Emerging Women Leaders! We're specifically looking for mid-career professional women (not entry-level) with a combination of professional/leadership experience and community involvement, and who share the values of EWL.

"I just joined TEMPO Milwaukee's Emerging Women Leaders group a few months ago and it's already enriched both my professional and personal life - even though we're still meeting virtually! I have never felt so welcomed when joining a new organization and can already see how this group will become a major influence on my future."


  1. Professional Experience: 6+ years in the workforce in a professional setting (time spent as an intern does not apply) with increasing responsibilities. During this time she has developed a reputation as a "rising star," next generation leader, on the partner track, etc.
  2. Community Involvement: Demonstrates commitment to the community through involvement and leadership in professional and/or civic organizations. Involvement is above and beyond required job responsibilities.
  3. Leadership: Displays leadership within her company/organization; a letter of support from the nominee's supervisor or other company leader is required.
  4. Endorsement: Strong nomination from a current TEMPO or EWL member who is familiar with the program. Nominators should also note that the EWL annual dues fee is $385. 

“It truly is a group of my peers - not based on age or location, but the issues, concerns and plans I have at this point in my career. Because of that it's more than just a network - it's a sounding board, mentors and friends all rolled into one group. The networking piece is really just an added bonus.” 


  • Connecting with other mid-career women to create a network of support and inspiration.
  • Sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices to learn from each other and grow as the next generation of professional and community leaders.
  • Advancing our own careers while simultaneously paying it forward and advocating for others.
  • An inclusive member experience.

In summary, the typical Emerging Women Leaders member is recognized within her company as a leader and high performer. She can identify a minimum of one volunteer commitment in which she’s actively involved. Emerging Women Leaders join for professional development, mentoring, community involvement and networking opportunities with their peer group, as well as with TEMPO Milwaukee members at select events.

“The caliber of women is incredible. Each of these women are in similar career places; we understand the challenges each other are facing and can support all aspects of what life is throwing at us. These peer relationships are the ones that we will be leaning on when we are leading organizations in the upcoming years. Having this network is invaluable for today and for the many years ahead.”

Current TEMPO and EWL members interested in nominating a candidate for EWL may do so between September 20 and October 4, 2021. Nominators will complete a brief online form indicating their nominee's name, title, and company, etc. Additionally, three documents are required to submit the online form: 1) Current resume from nominee (outdated resumes will not be accepted) 2) Letter of support from the nominee's supervisor or other company leader, and 3) 250-word statement from the nominee describing the following: Why do you want to join Emerging Women Leaders? Why is this program of interest to you? What do you want to get out of EWL, and what do you think you can contribute? 

A member of EWL's nomination committee will then contact the nominator and schedule a brief phone call to discuss the nominee's qualifications further. The goal of this conversation is to add color to the submitted documents/information.

“EWL is a powerhouse of strong, determined women who want to lift other women up and help them succeed. This organization really is passionate about building strong relationships and doing so by supporting one another. Many other organizations only focus on numbers and not the individuals, whereas EWL values the individual and what they are able to bring to the table to support our charge of women empowering other women."

TEMPO and EWL members can nominate online between September 20 and October 4, 2021.

  • August 2021 - EWL Info Session
  • September 20 to October 4, 2021 – Nominations accepted online
  • November 2021 – Nominees notified of acceptance, receive welcome packet and dues invoice 
  • December 2021 - Orientation

View our Emerging Women Leaders FAQs here and/or check out the EWL 2015-2020 Impact Report.

"EWL has opened doors to my professional and personal network that would likely have never opened without them. Additionally, the mentorship available through this program has fundamentally changed both my life and my business. I will be forever indebted to EWL for allowing me these opportunities."

If you have any questions about the nomination process, contact EWL Membership-Nominations Committee Chair Fran Sutter [[email protected]] or Vice Chair Maggie Joos [[email protected]].