Emerging Women Leaders (EWL) are the future generation of TEMPO members. Qualified nominees show career trajectory with increasing responsibilities. They are identified as dynamic and influential leaders. Nominees have developed the reputation of a ‘rising star’; the next generation leader; or they are on the partner track. 


Fall nomination period is now closed. 

If you have any questions about a nomination for the Fall review, please contact Krista Boyce at [email protected].



 HOW TO JOIN EWL: Identify a nominator (either a current TEMPO or EWL member).

  1. Nominator to connect with the Nominee to gather all information needed.
  2. Nominator will complete a brief online form indicating their nominee's name, title, and company, etc.
Additionally, three documents are required to submit the online form:
  1. Current resume from nominee (outdated resumes will not be accepted) 
  2. One letter of support from the nominee's supervisor or other company leader (a second letter of support from a mentor, sponsor, or community leader is optional), and 
  3. A 250-word statement from the nominee responding to provided questions: 1. What makes you a good candidate/what will you contribute to EWL? 2. What do you expect to gain from your EWL membership? 3. List 2-3 goals in your career you hope to accomplish over the next 5-8 years.

A member of EWL's membership committee will contact the NOMINATOR and schedule a brief phone call to discuss her qualifications. The goal of this conversation is to discuss how the nominee meets the EWL profile, why she's interested in joining EWL, how she's demonstrated leadership at her organization/in the community, and how she will contribute to our organization. 

EWL Membership chairs will submit a slate of new nominations to the TEMPO Membership committee for final approval. 


  • Connecting with other mid-career women to create a network of support and inspiration.
  • Sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices to learn from each other and grow as the next generation of professional and community leaders.
  • Advancing our own careers while simultaneously paying it forward and advocating for others.
  • An inclusive member experience. 

“EWL is a powerhouse of strong, determined women who want to lift other women up and help them succeed. This organization really is passionate about building strong relationships and doing so by supporting one another. Many other organizations only focus on numbers and not the individuals, whereas EWL values the  individual and what they are able to bring to the table to support our charge of women empowering other women."

"EWL has opened doors to my professional and personal network that would likely have never opened without them. Additionally, the mentorship available through this program has fundamentally changed both my life and my business. I will be forever indebted to EWL for allowing me these opportunities."


If you have any questions about the nomination process, contact Krista Boyce at [email protected]