Emerging Women Leaders
Nomination Process 

The 2018 nomination period is now closed. More information about 2019 nominations coming soon!

It's time for more inspiring women from the Milwaukee business community to join TEMPO Milwaukee's Emerging Women Leaders! We're specifically looking for mid-career professional women (not entry-level) with a combination of professional/leadership experience and community involvement, and who share the values of EWL.

"These are women who will run MKE in a few short years."


“It truly is a group of my peers - not based on age or location, but the issues, concerns and plans I have at this point in my career. Because of that it's more than just a network - it's a sounding board, mentors and friends all rolled into one group. The networking piece is really just an added bonus.” 


  • Connecting with other emerging women leaders to create a network of support and inspiration.
  • Sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices to learn from each other and grow as the next generation of professional and community leaders.
  • Advancing our own careers while simultaneously paying it forward and advocating for others.

In summary, the typical Emerging Women Leaders participant is recognized within her company as a leader and high performer. She can identify a minimum of one volunteer commitment in which she’s actively involved. Emerging Women Leaders join for professional development, mentoring, community involvement and networking opportunities with their peer group, as well as with TEMPO Milwaukee members at select events.

“The caliber of women is incredible. Each of these women are in similar career places; we understand the challenges each other are facing and can support all aspects of what life is throwing at us. These peer relationships are the ones that we will be leaning on when we are leading organizations in the upcoming years. Having this network is invaluable for today and for the many years ahead.”

Do you know of someone in your network who might be a great fit? After reviewing the participant criteria and other frequently asked questions about EWL with your nominee, you’re ready to nominate! Nominators will provide basic information about their nominee, as well as a written summary of how she aligns with the participant criteria and values of EWL. Nominees will provide a written statement detailing why EWL is of interest. Up to two letters of recommendation are highly encouraged but not required. Someone from the EWL Membership Committee may follow-up with nominators to ask additional questions. Nominations will be evaluated based on three categories: Professional Experience/Leadership, Community Involvement, and Shared Values. 

“EWL participants are driven by personal mission and purpose. It has been evident to me from those I have interacted with that they are focused on servant leadership. It's inspiring.”

Nominations will be accepted online in the fall of 2019. In the meantime, there are several events prospective candidates can attend to meet current Emerging Women Leaders and get an idea of what to expect if accepted.

View our Emerging Women Leaders FAQs here.


If you have any questions about the nomination process, contact EWL Membership-Nominations Committee Chair Leah Fiasca [[email protected]].