There’s no shortage of opportunities to get involved in after being accepted as a new TEMPO member and attending orientation. Committee leaders, TEMPO staff and fellow members can help you navigate the combination of activities that work best with your schedule and desired engagement level.  

Included in the annual dues fee of $550:


  • Seven TEMPO Program Meetings
  • Four Professional Development sessions
  • New Member Orientation session
  • Seven TEMPO Talks virtual webinars 
  • Four TEMPO Real Talks sessions
  • TEMPO Holiday Party (December)


  • Participate in Mentor Circles – peer mentoring circles with up eight members; most groups typically meet monthly
  • Pairing with an Emerging Women Leaders member mentee in the 1-to-1 Mentoring Program; matches meet at a minimum once every other month for one year


  • Joining a committee is a great way to engage with a smaller group of members, showcase your leadership abilities, and have an impact on the organization. Furthermore, active committee members are most likely to ascend into leadership roles which include committee chair and vice chair positions, and the Board.
  • Committee opportunities include:
    • Communications
    • Engagement
    • Mentor Circles
    • Membership
    • Professional Development Series
    • Programming
    • Leadership Event
    • Mentor Event
    • Women's Affinity Alliance
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


  • Participate in monthly "Coffee Connections" - random pairings with a fellow member - and meet 12 new people a year
  • Access to the TEMPO and Emerging Women Leaders online directory 
  • Connect with exceptional professional women from diverse industries and with an array of skillsets