Build your own personal Board of Directors by joining an EWL Mentor Circle!

The EWL Mentor Circles peer mentoring program is mirrored after TEMPO's highly successful Mentor CirclesThose who engage in EWL Mentor Circles receive monthly peer-to-peer mentoring in a small group that's built around confidentiality, trust and equal participation. EWL Mentor Circle mission is to provide EWL members with a safe, confidential, and fun environment to discuss both personal and professional accomplishments, struggles, and experiences. An EWL Mentor Circle is a benefit available to all current members!

Program Structure
EWL Mentor Circles are led by a volunteer member facilitator and are composed of six to nine EWL members. We recommend each group meet for one to two hours every month or a minimum of once every two months. Most groups find meeting monthly at the same location, day and time gains good participation.

The Commitment
Joining an EWL Mentor Circle requires a commitment of 6 to 12 meetings per year of approximately 1 to 2 hours per meeting, both of which are agreed upon with the group. In signing up for a circle, members commit to making attendance and contributing to the group discussion a priority.

Program Benefits

  • Build your professional network
  • Make better business decisions by drawing from the group's experience
  • Gain a safe outlet to talk about confidential issues
  • Build deeper relationships with other members who can offer you support and encouragement
  • Learn from other members with different areas of expertise and experience


Getting Engaged in the Program
If you are interested in getting involved with a Mentor Circle, please contact [email protected]. Placements are made quarterly in alignment with our new member orientations. 


  • Quarter 1 Sign Up Period: May 20-May 31, 2024 
  • Quarter 2 Sign Up Period: August 12-23, 2024 
  • Quarter 3 Sign Up Period: November 18-December 2, 2024
  • Quarter 4 Sign Up Period: February 17-28, 2025

Both the content of each meeting and the roster of participants is held in the highest level of confidentiality. Nothing discussed in a group ever leaves the room. A breach of confidentiality could be considered as grounds for being asked to leave the group.

Questions? Contact
Erin Stanek ([email protected]), EWL Mentor Circles Chair
Erin Young ([email protected]) EWL Mentor Circles, Vice Chair
Diavian Lyons ([email protected]), Manager of Member Experience & Office Operations Administrator