TEMPO Milwaukee Mentor Circles Program 

TEMPO Milwaukee has a longstanding focus on mentoring and introduced a highly popular member-to-member Mentor Circles program in 2010 in response to member interest.  The program mission is to provide a structured and confidential environment for typically six to eight TEMPO Milwaukee members, meeting monthly, to share experiences in order to grow in their leadership skills, their decision-making, technical skill base, personal development and work-life balance.  The role of the Mentor Circles Program Committee is to help match interested members into Circles that will meet their interests, facilitate effective launches of new Circles and closure of Circles that have run their course, and to serve as a resource to the Circles and individual participants on an ongoing basis.

Circle Particulars
The program is available to all members as a member service, with no additional cost. Matches are made on a rolling basis, typically in the months following new member orientation where members are oriented to the program. Members can express interest at any time during the year and the committee will work to place them. Each Circle has six to eight participants and is led by two co-leaders from within the Circle who have volunteered to set initial meeting times and dates and to facilitate the discussions.  Most Circles find meeting monthly at the same location, day and time gains good participation. 

The Commitment 
We encourage participants to make a year commitment to their mentoring activity. Many participants and Circles have continued to meet indefinitely, given the value derived from participation. Attendance at monthly meetings is critical to establishing the trusting relationships that foster a well-functioning Circle. Those who participate should be committed to attend at least 8 meetings per year. Participants are also required to provide feedback on an annual short survey that aids the Mentor Program Committee in measuring and improving the effectiveness of the program.  

Both the content of each meeting and the roster of Circle participants is held in the highest level of confidentiality. Nothing discussed in a Mentor Circle ever leaves the room. A breach of confidentiality could be considered as grounds for being asked to leave the Circle.

Getting Engaged in the Program
If you have an interest in Mentor Circles, please contact the TEMPO Milwaukee office at [email protected] and we will begin the process of helping you engage in a TEMPO Mentor Circle.

The initial steps will include:

  • A phone discussion with a committee member to understand your level of interest and particular goals
  • Participant completion of the Mentor Program Participant Profile to be used in the matching process*
  • Committee review and exploration of alternative Circle placements
  • Committee outreach to potential Circle to assure no business conflicts exist and the Circle is prepared to welcome the new member
  • Mutual chemistry check at a first meeting with the Circle members
  • A commitment to the Circle or request for consideration for placement in another Circle that would be a more effective match

*When completing the Profile and throughout your Circle experience, think about the skills and insights you have to share with your Circle and how you can help to advance Circle member interests.

What Participants Say About Mentor Circles
"Luckily, as I came into TEMPO, a few people shared with me how impactful the Mentor Circles are, so I signed up right away. Indeed, the Circle has helped me with career strategies, and provided a sounding board for difficult decisions. It has also helped me grasp the obstacles and successes of women in other industries, so I can be a better advocate for all women in the community. As new members of TEMPO come in, I always recommend that they join a Circle!"

"Peer groups offer a unique environment to discuss challenges, talk openly listen and ask critical questions of one another. Our greatest opportunity for personal and professional development comes from being willing to look at ourselves with a different perspective. Mentor Circles provide a safe, confidential, trusting place for growth and development."

"I feel I can bring any topic forward with confidence in our confidentiality and, with the expertise of my Circle colleagues, receive support and feedback that is extremely valuable."

Thanks for your interest in putting the TEMPO Milwaukee brand to work through this membership mentoring program so that we Elevate and Accelerate the careers of those in our midst.  

Mary Ellen Krueger- [email protected]

Committee Members
Cheryl Farnsworth
Liz Forman
Lori Gervais
Louise Hermsen
Amy Jensen
Kerry Mitchell
Sadhna Morato-Lindvall