The Mentor Circles program is a key differentiator for TEMPO, and a highlight of membership for participants. Those who engage in a Mentor Circle receive monthly peer-to-peer mentoring in a small group that's built around confidentiality, trust and equal participation. 

Circle Particulars
The program is available to all TEMPO members as an exclusive member benefit. Matches are made quarterly, with sign ups in the Monday Messages. Each Circle has six to eight participants and is led by two co-leaders from within the Circle who have volunteered to set initial meeting times and dates and to facilitate the discussions. Most Circles find meeting monthly at the same location, day and time gains good participation. 

The Commitment 
We encourage participants to make a year commitment to their mentoring activity. Many participants and Circles have continued to meet indefinitely, given the value derived from participation. Attendance at monthly meetings is critical to establishing the trusting relationships that foster a well-functioning Circle. Those who participate should be committed to attend at least 8 meetings per year. Participants are also required to provide feedback on an annual short survey that aids the Mentor Program Committee in measuring and improving the effectiveness of the program.  

Both the content of each meeting and the roster of Circle participants is held in the highest level of confidentiality. Nothing discussed in a Mentor Circle ever leaves the room. A breach of confidentiality could be considered as grounds for being asked to leave the Circle.

Getting Engaged in the Program
If you are interested in getting involved with a Mentor Circle, please contact Kelsiee Arreguin at [email protected]. Placements are made quarterly in alignment with our new member orientations. 

  • Quarter 1 Sign Up Period: May 20-May 31, 2024 
  • Quarter 2 Sign Up Period: August 12-23, 2024 
  • Quarter 3 Sign Up Period: November 18-December 2, 2024
  • Quarter 4 Sign Up Period: February 17-28, 2025

What Participants Say About Mentor Circles

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(Facilitators and participants of active circles only. Login is required)


Mentor Circles Committee:
Chair: Melanie Varin, TopLine Results Corporation

Vice Chair: Melissa Goltra, FOCUS Training 
Jennifer Bryson, Levy 
Merilou Gonzales, Bader Philanthropies, Inc.
Louise Hermsen, Retired, Joy Global/DUECO
Sarah Kendall, Blueprint Partners 
Raisa Koltun, CSA Enterprises
Kerry Mitchell
Heidi Lofy, Retired, Marcus Performing Arts Center