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  • Friday, July 24: Impact on Industries

    It is no secret COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. We know the impact of COVID to our community’s economic development will be felt for many months, even years. Some of the hardest hit industries include retail, construction and real estate and our healthcare system. Join us for this important discussion and hear from three TEMPO experts on how they are navigating the unknown, how they are adjusting their business model to survive these challenging times and what opportunities have emerged.
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  • Friday, August 7: The Gender Pay Gap | Special Women's Leadership Collaborative Edition

    In June, the Wisconsin Policy Forum released the results of gender pay gap research report - Milwaukee's gender pay gap narrows but persists - commissioned by the Women's Leadership Collaborative. By analyzing the median wages earned by women vs. men in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, we now have a clearer local picture of the pay gap, with data that exposes occupations with the worst gaps, and context around other contributors such as race, care giving, and gender discrimination. During this Webinar, we'll discuss key findings from the research report and highlight the top things leaders should know to help accelerate closure of the gap. 
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  • Friday, August 21: The Impact on Business & Leisure Travel

    The travel industry is one of the hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. With both national and international travel restrictions in place, individuals and businesses have had to make extreme changes to the way business is conducted. As travel restrictions lift and reopening phases continue to advance, we are now faced with many questions and considerations on how to travel again, safely. Risk, comfort, confidence, expense, return on investment, etc. are all considerations that must be assessed before returning to travel as we once knew it. Join us as we hear from three TEMPO Milwaukee members who each have a unique perspective on how travel has evolved in the last six months and where it will go.
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