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  • Friday, September 25: Creating a Solid Foundation for Living a Connected, Joyful Life | Special Professional Development Edition

    Your life is filled with changes, uncertainties and crises and the external circumstances in your world are ever shifting—relationships, career, family dynamics, financial dependencies, health related challenges. Designing a solid foundation from which to live your life gives you the opportunity to be connected to your internal self—living life from the inside out—allowing you to handle whatever the universe throws your way! Discovering your purpose is one of the building blocks of living a connected, joyful life. Knowing your purpose acts as a grounding tool—a North Star—lighting your way and helping you to respond to the external world instead of just reacting to it or spinning out of control. This workshop led by Kerri Balliet will provide you with a simple process to get you started on identifying your purpose for being part of this crazy, beautiful world so you can live a more connected, joyful life. 
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  • Friday, October 9: Juggling Act: Coronavirus, Gender Inequality + the Working Mom

    With an unconventional school year underway, working mothers are facing a whole new set of challenges as they consider how to balance their professional and home lives with a global pandemic. Pre-Covid, women were disproportionately taking care of housework and childcare, and now they’re being hit even harder. According to new research by the U.S. Census Bureau and Federal Reserve, “the pandemic appears to have induced a unique immediate juggling act for working mothers of school age children.” This trend threatens the financial stability of families in the near-term. In the long-term, the crisis could stall – if not reverse – decades of hard-fought gains by working women who are still far from achieving labor force parity with men. Whether you are a mom, manage a mom, or are a colleague to a mom, attend this TEMPO Talks session to learn about strategies and support systems that can help ensure working moms don’t get left behind.
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  • Friday, October 23: Economic and Cultural Components to Housing in Milwaukee 

    Our home is central to our lives. It provides shelter; it’s the backdrop for countless family memories; and it shapes our sense of community and personal identity. Economically, home ownership builds wealth and provides security. So, it’s not surprising that home ownership has been part of the so called “American Dream” for generations. Yet, with this also comes the harsh reality of systemic racism and discrimination, posing threats to equal opportunities. Buying a home is a dream that can seem out of reach for many low income families. It’s difficult to save for a down payment when a disproportionate percentage of your monthly income is spent on rent. Yet, research shows the positive impact home ownership has on a family’s budget, kids’ academics, neighborhood’s safety, and a city’s tax base. On the other end of the spectrum, staying in your home as a senior citizen is also challenging. Many people made incredible sacrifices to get to this point in their lives. It’s their moment to be in their home and enjoy it. Many single women and veterans struggle to stay in their homes. After a raising a family and being a pillar of your community, it’s heart breaking to see seniors living on a fixed income suffer through unsafe and poor housing conditions. Join us as we hear from three subject-matter TEMPO member experts, Kelly Andrew, Kristen Gagliano and Lynnea Katz-Petted, as they share a look into the work of Acts Housing and Revitalize Milwaukee in supporting equal housing opportunities in our community. 
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