In February 2020, TEMPO deployed a comprehensive Member Inclusion Survey to members and Emerging Women Leaders to help us better understand attitudes, experiences and engagement as it relates to diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. Questions were based on Catalyst’s five hallmarks of inclusion: valued, trusted, authentic, psychological safety - latitude, and psychological safety - risk-taking. 44% of TEMPO and EWL members responded to the survey (industry standard is 30%).

Marquette University's Institute for Women’s Leadership provided a supplementary analysis of the survey results. Their findings and others from the TEMPO Board and D&I committee will be the basis for further implementing and integrating D&I strategies into the day-to-day activities of TEMPO in 2020 and beyond.


Next Steps:

  • Results will guide our D&I journey.
  • Deeper dive into members' needs and experiences.
  • Member forums, focus groups and other ways to create an inclusive culture.
  • Transparency with membership.
  • Share progress, milestones and ways members can support in our quarterly newsletters and other TEMPO communications.