in 1975, TEMPO was born to give women leaders a place to connect, share, and grow — personally and professionally. Today, we still believe that mission is vital. If anything, in a world of remote work and multi-channel communications, the need for personal stories, inspiration and connection is greater than ever.

That’s why we’re asking each of our 450+ TEMPO members to share one leadership story with us. And we’re going to make it easy! If you’ve ever heard of “flash fiction,” our approach will be “flash truth-telling.” We’ll use these stories throughout the year to elevate and inspire, through social posts, in our emails, and at our events. A few stories will also be selected for an upcoming video project, where we’ll dive deeper into each story with Brand & Design Partner Bader Rutter.

Why share your story? (even if you think you don't have one) Because stories have the power to teach, inspire and make us feel connected. Sharing your story is a way to give back and build community. If you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself, we encourage you to share a story about someone who's impacted you!

We’ve organized our story prompts into four categories. Feel free to use one of these prompts or tell us your unique story in your own words. Would you rather tell your story another way? We’d be happy to do a short interview instead.

  • How has mentorship — as either the mentor or the mentee — changed your life?
  • What difference does having an ally (or several) make in your life?
  • Tell us about when someone helped you to rise, or when you’ve helped someone else rise?
  • How have women in leadership affected your life, career, community? How have these women “moved the world” as they rose?

  • Tell us about a time when you’ve used your voice to advocate for yourself or others? What change came from that moment?
  • Tell us how you’ve invited others in: to an important discussion, to an opportunity, to a group?
  • Often, we compare other people’s “highlight reel” to our own personal “blooper reel.” Tell us what happened when someone showed you more than their “highlight reel.” How did it affect you? Did it change what you’re willing to reveal to others?

  • What was your biggest “A-HA” moment in your career? Did it lead to making a change, or did it keep you on your current path?
  • How has TEMPO changed your life’s trajectory?
  • Describe your toughest workday, and how you got through it.
  • What’s your most memorable challenge? How did it change your outlook or path?

  • Tell us your funniest (most unusual, standout, surprising, ???) success story.
  • How has leadership changed today compared to when TEMPO started (and why TEMPO started) 46 years ago?
  • What stumbling blocks have you encountered that led you to make a change — for yourself or for others?


Ready? Share your story here.*TEMPO members only

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