2018 Continuing Education Grant Recipient:
Shelly Roder, Director, Gifts for the Journey Social Enterprise, Franciscan Peacemakers

The TEMPO Milwaukee Foundation is accepting applications for the 2019 Continuing Education Grant between February 1 and March 1, 2019. Learn more and apply here.

A servant leader dedicated to nonprofit work, Shelly Roder is currently earning a Professional Life Coaching Certificate (PLCC) to accredit her passion for helping others find meaning. Funded by the TEMPO Milwaukee Foundation Continuing Education Grant she received in April 2018, Roder is enrolled in UW-Madison’s Continuing Studies’ nine-month PLCC course.

“Throughout my career, I have found joy in helping people discover their strengths and what they can offer the world,” says Roder. “The Life Coach certificate will allow me to take a more structured, skilled and informed approach, backed by an accredited program.”

Roder is Director, Gifts for the Journey Social Enterprise with Franciscan Peacemakers, a religious nonprofit organization that provides local women with a pathway out of prostitution and sex trafficking. While the program doesn’t conclude until June, her enrollment in it was appealing to her employer and helped her land the role last Summer.

“I was hired by Franciscan Peacemakers with the understanding that I’m earning this certificate that will help me make an impact on the organization and the women we work with.”

Roder says she’s especially looking forward to helping Franciscan Peacemakers and the women who rely on its services to articulate their values.

“I have always been drawn to small, grass roots nonprofit organizations, where there are financial barriers to professional development,” says Roder. “I would have never had this opportunity to take my career to the next level without this gift from the TEMPO Milwaukee Foundation.”

Left to right: Tami Garrison (Community Affairs, MillerCoors & Board Chair, TEMPO Milwaukee), Jennifer Dirks (President & CEO, TEMPO Milwaukee), Shelly Roder (Director, Gifts for the Journey Social Enterprise, Franciscan Peacemakers), Joanne Grunau (Consultant, Grucon Group & Committee Member, TEMPO Milwaukee Foundation)