About Us

The purpose of TEMPO Milwaukee is to provide members with opportunities to network with leaders and future leaders, to enhance their awareness of issues and trends having an impact on Milwaukee and the business community, and to participate in the active contribution of TEMPO Milwaukee as a group to the future success of the business community and the region.

TEMPO Milwaukee serves its diverse membership and the community through
educational programming, networking opportunities, relationship building, and mentoring, with the goal of empowering women to achieve and sustain leadership roles within the political, educational and corporate arenas. TEMPO Milwaukee is comprised of approximately 275 members from more than 100 companies in Milwaukee.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To further the impact of women leaders in our community.
Vision: A society where women hold an equal place in leadership, policy, and decision-making.
Our Values:

  • Advocate on behalf of key issues and initiatives critical to the advancement of women, the success of businesses and organizations, and the vitality of the region.
  • Elevate individual Tempo members by sharing best practices, establishing strong networks and providing leadership development opportunities.
  • Accelerate the success of the region through leadership, knowledge and experience, and a strong commitment to each other and the community.


Mentor Awards Our annual Mentor Awards recognize outstanding individual and corporate mentoring activities and initiatives. TEMPO has awarded more than $135,000 to women college students in our area through the Mentor Event. 

Leadership Event Our annual Leadership Event provides a forum for the business community to gain insight into the current challenges facing leaders from a recognized national expert.  

Professional Development Programming
Our professional development series provides members and their teams, with highly valuable skills and networking.  For more information, click here.

Women's Affinity Alliance Providing a resource for leaders of women's affinity programs.  For more information, click here.



In 1975, most women, regardless of talent, competence or position, were kept outside of their city's power structure - outside, looking in. A few enterprising women in Milwaukee decided to do something about it. 

They created an organization that supports, empowers and mentors women. One that helps to break down barriers and weave women executives into the fiber of their city without employing confrontation, debate or sexist finger-pointing. One that achieves its objectives through far more subtle means.

Organizationally, the first step was to construct a membership roster to include:

     - Women who had already "arrived" and who were part of the power structure; 

     - Women who held positions of influence but who were not necessarily part of the "inner circle," and; 

     - Women of talent, drive and ambition who had the potential for being giants in the community and who could ensure the ongoing influence of TEMPO Milwaukee. 

After its launch, TEMPO Milwaukee immediately began to thrive. Within five years, a second group of women adapted the concept and formed another organization in Madison, Wisconsin, also called TEMPO.  

Twenty years later, the Milwaukee TEMPO founding mothers decided it was time to take this concept further, offering it to women everywhere. With determination and seed money from the Milwaukee chapter, in 1995 TEMPO International was born. In 2009, TEMPO Milwaukee seceded from TEMPO International to focus on the needs of its local members.

Built on strong events such as the Mentor Event and the Leadership Event as well as solid programs and initiatives including the Professional Development Series and the Women's Affinity Alliance, TEMPO thrives as a resource for and a partner to, other organizations.

Designed neither as a social club, nor as a service club, nor a women's club per se, TEMPO Milwaukee continues to grow, adapt and change while staying true to its mission of supporting, empowering and mentoring leadership women.