TEMPO is an organization of professional women executives, leaders and decision-makers. We are a network whose collective voice is critical to changing the narrative in our community.

TEMPO has a Zero Tolerance Policy on racism, hate, discrimination and prejudice. As an organization, we are committed to eliminating racism and other forms of discrimination, retaliation and harassment of any type based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, social status, mental or physical disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.

“We have an opportunity, an obligation, to showcase our leadership. To harness and leverage the collective strength of our TEMPO network to create change,” says Jennifer Dirks, TEMPO President & CEO. “We lead by modeling in our voice which speaks to the power of equity.”    


OUR COMMITMENT: Create an environment of inclusion and belonging where ALL members' differences and perspectives are supported and valued; Provide a platform for advocating, addressing and promoting women's equity issues.

TEMPO's future relevancy, success, and impact depends on attracting and retaining diverse women who represent the community in which we serve and lead. It is critical that we continue to diversify the racial makeup of TEMPO membership AND provide a space for marginalized voices to be heard and valued. At the same time we acknowledge diversity also encompasses ethnicity, function, industry, sexual orientation, religion, age, physical ability, gender identity, etc. 

TEMPO has developed a comprehensive strategy with a four-prong approach to foster an environment where all members feel they belong, and embed a diversity and inclusion lens into everything we do. The four pillars are: Research, Education & Training, Diverse & Inclusive Environment, and Collaborative Partnerships. We encourage you to learn more about each focus area below.

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