About the TEMPO Women’s Affinity Alliance

The Women's Affinity Alliance (WAA) is a collaborative resource alliance that was co-founded in 2011 and developed by TEMPO Milwaukee members Krista Brookman, Tami Garrison and Tracy Johnson. A TEMPO Milwaukee initiative, WAA brings together executives who are interested in developing and progressing women’s affinity networks in their organization. WAA is an engine of innovation which employs networking, educational and developmental opportunities to provide organizations with necessary resources to advance, retain and grow their women professionals through affinity networks.


  • Exposure to possible new TEMPO Milwaukee members
  • Demand from current members for a program
  • Providing value to current members from a professional development standpoint
  • Relationship development with possible corporate donors
  • Providing a "value-add" for individual corporate members
  • Raise visibility of TEMPO Milwaukee brand as an overall contributor to corporate efforts
  • Unique offering in Milwaukee community that provides a "give back" opportunity to TEMPO Milwaukee
Other benefits of being involved with the group include the ability to:
  • Draw on varying industry perspectives
  • Network outside of one's own organization
  • Tap into best practices/ leverage work that is being done/ challenges
  • Develop peer to peer connections
  • Individual growth/ professional development
  • Enhance talent growth and development in the Milwaukee business community
Who is involved with the Women's Affinity Alliance?
  • WAA is composed of women's affinity group leaders, and leaders within organizations who are leading the development of a women's affinity program - past, present and future. The information drawn from sessions can be taken back to individual companies and shared broadly. 
  • Advisory members include representatives from: A.O. Smith Corporation, Aurora Health Care, Baird, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, GMR Marketing, Johnson Controls, Komatsu Mining Corp., MGIC and Rockwell Automation.
  • Meetings are held quarterly and focus on topics that assist leaders in working with and growing their company's women's affinity groups.
  • Programs are hosted by corporate partners and sponsors
  • Feedback is very positive: "The collaboration and sharing of thoughts is priceless."
  • Face-to-face and online networking opportunities that allow for the sharing of resources and discussion of issues.
  • More than 400 people have attended programs representing more than 80 companies since the inception of this initiative.

Dues Payment 2018-19