2020 marks TEMPO's 45th anniversary, and what a year it has been! We’ve all endured a lot of change. Some of that change was forced upon us, yet many of us are using this as an opportunity to reexamine ourselves in different ways. At TEMPO we asked, “What do we want the next 45 years to look like?” and, "How do we adequately capture the power of who we are and the impact we have?" 

While our mission, vision, and values remain the same, we saw an opportunity to take a fresh look at the way we represent ourselves and our commitment to elevating women, their causes and their contributions to business and community. 

To demonstrate the strong, creative powers of women, we engaged an all-female creative team from Bader Rutter to develop our new look, and they did all of it pro bono. 

The tone, look and language are all inspired by the women of TEMPO, who generously shared their insights, experiences and vision for the future. Building on this and distilling the core truths that make TEMPO a powerful brand, we arrived at a platform that is clean and modern yet has classic elements that will help take TEMPO through the next 45+ years. 


The new TEMPO logo is designed to feel both modern and timeless, using strong but spare design elements.
The ”E” signifies “rising” and the pop of gold lends a touch of elegance.


In months to come, TEMPO will roll out this refreshed brand look and feel. The language starts with a focus on an individual voice and builds to TEMPO as a group — the women who achieve and the world who benefits from our success. The refreshed brand portrays that the women of TEMPO have powerful individual voices that gather even more strength together.

Below are examples of TEMPO's refreshed look and feel in action, wherein the many faces and voices of our members will be featured. 

 Annual report example

 Website and mobile examples


Event invitation example


We are incredibly grateful for the inspiring and tireless work of Rebecca Ehlers, Linda Hogan and the Bader Rutter team, and all those who influenced this process along the way. TEMPO's new look reflects the power of who we are and the impact we have, and that together, we are unstoppable. 

Special thanks: